Salary Managers
Salary Managers are eligible for 2 weeks of vacation after 1 year in position & 3 weeks of vacation after 5 years, respectively. Salary Managers with 5 years of service in their position will be eligible for 3 weeks of vacation. All vacation must be submitted for approval to the Area Supervisor and Director of Operations. In all cases the first consideration will be coverage of the store. Managers are asked to take one week in the prime months (June – September) and the other weeks in the other months. This is to spread out the vacation time throughout the whole year.


Store Managers
Store Managers that hit PAC plan at the end of the year are eligible for 5 extra vacation days to be taken the following year.


Anytime Swing Managers
Anytime Swing Managers (anytime availability) will receive one week paid vacation after one year in position & 2 weeks of vacation after 5 years in position, respectively. Dollar amount is calculated by average hours worked from previous 10 weeks.


Vacations are determined by length of time in position. We will use the accrual table from the handbook to calculate monies owed to the company or the employee upon termination of employment, any money owed to the company will be deducted from last paycheck.