Ron Bailey began his journey of building a business in 1990.  His Los Angeles police officer job soon turned into a manager trainee position at McDonald's  in the Bronx, NY .  Ron was able to learn the business from the ground up and privileged to work with his parents who were new McDonald's operators. He worked all shifts and all crew and managerial positions until 1994, when he was given the opportunity to purchase his very first McDonald's restaurant.  It was at this first restaurant in Brooklyn, NY that Ron met and hired his first employees, three of which would play a pivotal role in the history of the company. Lillian Lima, Heather Fields, and Segundo Rodriquez all joined Ron when he decided to move his young family from NY to Winston Salem, NC in 1996.  These three employees continue to work in some capacity with the company to this day.

Ron's vision for his organization is to grow and build as many stores as possible through strategic acquisitions that make sense for the long term health of the organization.