At Rat Race Management we value our employees and support their development by offering coaching and training. Our company uses monthly scorecard reviews to make sure our employees develop new skills to become more effective in their roles. We believe that providing constructive feedback to our employees is essential for the individuals growth. Scorecards are designed to provide an opportunity to discuss your position, review performance, and set goals and objectives for future performance. For salaried employees compensation is reviewed annually, hourly managers are reviewed twice a year.

We use the latest technology to train our crew members and to keep them updated. Our training system incorporates videos, on the floor shoulder to shoulder training, and hands on practice. Employees are given opportunities to learn new stations and sharpen their skills. Employee performance reviews are conducted twice per year, any adjustments made to compensation are based on the employees performance.



The Restaurant Management Bonus Plan is aligned with our Plan to Win. This cash reward plan is an exciting opportunity for you to earn extra cash rewards for Exceeding Expectations above and beyond what is normally expected in your job band.

A bonus plan is designed to allow the “exceptional” results from a restaurant to receive “exceptional” rewards. Detailed plan information will be provided annually.

Rat Race management offers an exceptional bonus plan to our salaried managers and eligible hourly managers, which is aligned with our Plan to Win. This cash reward plan is an exiting opportunity to earn cash rewards for Exceeding Expectations in your job role.


Full-time employees become eligible to participate in our company’s group health plan on the first day of the month following 60 days of consecutive employment and satisfaction of any eligibility or other requirements of the group health insurance policy in effect at the time. All salaried managers are considered full time employees. Qualified Hourly employees must average 30+ hours as defined by the affordable health care act. Upon qualification for health insurance benefits you will be given the applicable documentation and details of what options are available to you.



Salary Managers
Salary Managers are eligible for 2 weeks of vacation after 1 year in position & 3 weeks of vacation after 5 years, respectively. Salary Managers with 5 years of service in their position will be eligible for 3 weeks of vacation. All vacation must be submitted for approval to the Area Supervisor and Director of Operations. In all cases the first consideration will be coverage of the store. Managers are asked to take one week in the prime months (June – September) and the other weeks in the other months. This is to spread out the vacation time throughout the whole year.


Store Managers
Store Managers that hit PAC plan at the end of the year are eligible for 5 extra vacation days to be taken the following year.


Anytime Swing Managers
Anytime Swing Managers (anytime availability) will receive one week paid vacation after one year in position & 2 weeks of vacation after 5 years in position, respectively. Dollar amount is calculated by average hours worked from previous 10 weeks.


Vacations are determined by length of time in position. We will use the accrual table from the handbook to calculate monies owed to the company or the employee upon termination of employment, any money owed to the company will be deducted from last paycheck.


One of the great benefits of working for our company is the benefit of food. Every employee is rewarded with a free meal during their shift


3m35, INC. /RAT RACE MANAGEMENT have established a 401k Retirement Plan in which eligible employees can participate after 12 months of employment. Participants must be at least 21 years of age. Detailed plan information will be provided.



Swing & Salary Managers are eligible for 1 day of complimentary time for your birthday. This can be taken on or after your birthday within that year. Managers will also be given new uniforms for their birthday


Thanksgiving Day

Certified Managers that work a minimum of 6 hours on Thanksgiving Day will be given an extra day or equal amount of time to be taken by the end of that year.


Personal Days

Salary Managers with 1 year in position are eligible for 2 personal days to be taken when needed.


It is our goal to create a learning environment which facilitates the development of the highest level of skill among all employees. Our training program has been designed to enable all employees to be proficient in their job and to enable each employee to feel that they make a valuable contribution to the achievement of the Company’s goals of 100% Customer Satisfaction, Increased Market Share and Increased Profitability.

New employees will receive training followed by a structured development program relevant to their position. Ongoing training needs will be identified as part of the Performance Development System. Where possible, we aim to integrate learning with work and therefore a significant proportion of training occurs in the workplace. An ongoing program of training evaluation enables us to keep training up to date and relevant to the needs of the business. The company is ultimately responsible for the development and resourcing of employee training programs, but the day to day responsibility for training rests with managers. Employee development is an integral part of every manager’s job. Employees are also encouraged to show initiative in identifying their own training needs and in suggesting a development plan to be agreed with their manager.

We believe that training is the foundation of our success. It is an ongoing process that belongs to all Company employees